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  • Creative Self-Realisation

  • Finding your true passion and life mission

  • Creative Potential Activation

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Gain lasting trust towards oneself and life

  • Overcoming and mastering fears & moving forward courageously into desired direction

  • Addiction, Stress and Anxiety

  • Art & Design Mentoring

Experience and Education


  • ACC accredited by the ICF

  • Coach Mentor at Animas Centre for Coaching

  • Person and Solution Orientated Art Therapy Diploma- POM & LOM - Hamburger Institut für Kunsttherapie (HIK)

  • Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching - Animas Centre for Coaching

  • Foundation Course Personal Performance Life Coaching - The Coaching Academy

  • Corporate Finance Evening Programme – Accounting and Financial Analysis - London Business School

  • Ba(Hons) Fashion Design Technology - London College of Fashion UAL

  • Foundation Diploma in Art & Design - Kingston University

  • Ongoing studies and personal development of the self since 2009 @ The Kabbalah Centre 

As a Creative Fulfilment Coach, Art Therapist, DJ and entrepreneur, Maria specializes in helping people that want to reconnect to the spark of life, people who are currently unhappy in their jobs or occupations and feel stuck and uninspired  to connect with their creative selves and find zest for their lives again, helping them accomplishing their dreams by discovering their abilities and talents to build a purpose driven and profitable life and business that's meaningful to them. 


Working with Maria activates the clients abilities to live purposefully, create the relationships they desire and live without regrets, sharing their talents, passions, love and healing with the world that they came to do. 


Maria has found herself lost for the majority of her life, almost loosing the battle, going after a profession that wasn't meant for her and not aligning to her values and needs and having relationships that were destructive because of a lack of self love and knowing of the self until she understood what got her lost in the first place. This gave her a sense of meaning and created a spark in her that made her feel more alive than ever.

When you feel lost, you are disconnected from yourself, you lack love and the connection with you. Feeling lost and being lost, comes from numerous things and especially people pleasing, going after expectations from others and most of the time unnoticed. People pleasing behaviour and doing things that are not aligned with our truth is because we have been brought up as children to to listen to the elderly, which created a disconnection with our own voice, with ourselves. So we were never establishing this connection with ourselves and our own intuition, causing us to not trust ourselves but to follow the authority, who themselves act through fear and out of a disconnection of themselves. So it's a viscious cycle. In life this creates overwhelm, feelings of anxiety, depression which is a withdrawal of the self and procrastination, which blocks good relationships to be established and projects from the heart to be created. When you are not connected wiht you, you are rushing through life without ever truly living. This disconnection causes onoe to be extremely critical of the self, not to trust anyone, not to believe in oneself and to feel overwhelmed with lifes circumstances. Everything is too much. 

So I am here to help to reconnect with your source, yourself.

The way we feel about our lives is what matters most to people, everything we do and aspire to is to create a fullfilling feeling, to feel happy about things. So the way we feel is so important, which makes a huge difference to how we interact with the world. My focus lies on untangling ones inner world, processing and transfromaing feelings while and implementing inspired ideas and desires courageously into reality.

Marias unconditional positive regard for the client and active listening really enables the client to truly feel heard and cared about which activates the inner powers and self healing abilities of the client, its power, vulnerability and ability to open up comfortably without feeling judged. 

After a session with Maria, nothing might have changed outside of the client, but inside of them something has changed and the world view and persoective will create a warming feeling, feeling at ease and something having shifted.

Maria's trusted tools, from a mix of unique art therapy methods and the awareness of the laws of the universe in her coaching, offer a confidential and non-judgemental space, really enabling to tap into the depths of ones inner world, reeastablish new inner images and transform places inside where words can't reach to anymore. This allows to unlock  the version of you that feels excited, free, content, playful, powerful and confident, aligning to a higher consciousness that meets the world with different eyes. Synchronicity and opportunity meet and the internal changes create lasting change in ones life while being the creator instead of the reactor.


The art of you is about truly knowing yourself, to be able to fully trust your inner navigation system, mastering your own programming, instead of it mastering you and living the life meaningful and especially important exciting to you!

Maria has 100 % trust in your unique abilities and in the power of your pure and authentic self and is confident about the instant connections ones creative visions and its realisation has on ones physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Hamburg, Germany, London, Uk

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