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If you always wanted to be a singer, learn how to play the piano or create a startup with your own design, be it in fashion or interior or an innovative product idea, this will set you free to do what you always wanted to, while keeping you grounded and steady, without the overwhelm and without self doubting yourself again.



THIS MAY VARY BETWEEN 1 SESSION TO 3 OR 6 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR depending oon what you need.

We will look at:

*The relationship you have with yourself 
* The relationship you have with life in general
* The relationship you have with people 

We will set goals, prioritise, so that procrastination and overwhelm doesn’t kick in and we will create a plan and strategy to achieve what you want and work on what you bring to the table in a confidential, comforting and creative space, fully listening to you and your needs, enabling you to challenge current world views and process and transform inner images and feelings, to create a new inner world experience, causing your outer world to manifest for long lasting change with your new career, your purpose at life.

In the process we will be working on those mind and paradigm shifts needed to align your actions and behaviours to your truth and align your life to what is true to you, so you activate the love from within in all areas and not just finalise your project or idea, achieve what you want to achieve but feel truly fulfilled in the process of it enjoying the journey reaching your highest creative potential​

Awaken Your Creative Purpose Group Coaching Programme

Request a Consultation to find out more

Here’s a few things you’ll end up with: 


  • Confident harnessing of your creativity and creative wisdom through engaging with your own art project, which is you.


  • A new reality and outcome that feels exciting and playful and aligned to your highest self, breaking free from all the should’s, stepping more and more into ‘being’, rather than doing and in result manifesting freely, creatively and productively in tune with your own source and intuition.


  • A heart, body and mind integration - where all of you is aligned to your creative purpose 


  • Reliance on yourself and the resources you already have within and around you to be highly creative and live the life you feel happy and excited about.


  • Knowledge on how to continuously transform, with a clear vision on your greater mission and short term and long term dreams, while creating a reality that is supportive of who you are instead of you trying to support your or adjust into your current reality.


  • A plan and strategy to support your desired lifestyle and your very own vocation idea to get going with including name, logo and branding if relevant or a creative new plan for your existing role


  • A deep trust in yourself in relation to life’s circumstances - You’ll just know what to do and how to do it.


  • Intimate contact with your creative being and an increased sense of flow and focus throughout your day to day.


  • New creative hobbies that feed your life with an ongoing influx of joy. 


  • A product, service, artwork, idea or business plan to be proud of and share with the world in a new venture or existing role.


  • A way to start and steadily grow your inner and outer presence touching on social media opportunities and how to bring your message out into the world best suited to you and aligning it to serving others through your creativity, which is the only way to create a sustainable long term business in this day and age


  • Confidence And trust towards yourself in knowing without a doubt, you are creative and be surprised about how much more creative you are than you thought possible.


  • This undoubtedly new awareness of inner strength and creativity gives you full confidence in all areas of your life


Here’s how it will work: 


You will work with me on the 3 phases of tapping into your creativity and awakening the part of you that is playful and calm. 


We will dream, create, reflect, visualise and build the connection with your inner creative with creative exercises and tools to understand the differences between your intuitive impulses and ideas to realise and the ego and fear based drive blocking or inhibiting your personal creativity and its possibilities to choose from.

We will be:


  1. Looking at Your Core Beliefs, Values and Habits and how they align to your truth and creative purpose

  2. Discovering your unique Creativity, Expression and Ideas for clarity of direction and implementation

  3. Understanding the Laws of the Universe directly in relation to you