How often throughout the day do you feel truly heard, without being interrupted and fully listened to?

The transformation that happens from simply being able to talk and feel heard is so immense, that when its added with catalytic questions to take you one layer at a time deeper, and then looking forward, makes it a yummy recipe for true and lasting change.

Nothing will have to change around you, physically to change things inside of you. After a coaching session you feel empowered, light and free, having just untangled thoughts and made sense of emotions, connecting the dots in your life.

For a transformational conversation to work well, one needs to be ready for change and want to change. 

In transformational Coaching, you are helped at accessing your inner wisdom you already have inside, being the master of your life and are awakening to your full potential. 


           Success development, coaching

  •     Development of new skills

  •     Exposure of resources

  •     Finding creative solutions

  •     conflict management

  •     the elaboration of wishes, visions

  •     Promotion of the ability to work in a team

  •     Relationship conflict(s) with partners, family, superiors and colleagues

  •     Harassment

  •     Stress management

  •     Burnout

  •     Strengthening of self-confidence, self-esteem

  •     Personal development

  •     Changing perspectives in the event of a lack of perspective, a new professional start

  •     Mental hygiene

  •     Changes of inner beliefs

  •     Elimination of disturbing or stressful behaviour patterns

"Transformational coaching explores a client’s inner world of beliefs, assumptions, values and
expectations in order to create greater possibilities for ways of being in life.

It is a collaborative, non-directive conversation that
brings about change through inquiry, reflection, choice and new behaviours."

Animas Centre for Coaching, London UK

"Transformational coaching, really enables the client to hear their own voice to be able to make choices and decisions true to themselves, creating lasting change."

Maria-Katharina Richters


Whether you want to create your own label, create your own yoga retreat, get the funding, get your first acting gig, figure out how to get your art into a gallery, make a career as a DJ, make the film, play at your first festival or write the book you've always wanted to, transformational art coaching helps you to achieve your creative potential and move out of the state of feeling stuck or trapped and move you into clarity and focus through a powerful transformational coaching dialogue and art therapy tools to build that confidence and courage from the inside out!

If you always wanted to be a singer, learn how to play the piano or create a startup with your own design, be it in fashion or interior or an innovative product idea, this will set you free to do what you always wanted to, while keeping you grounded and steady, without the overwhelm and without self doubting yourself again.

Art Therapy
Maria-Katharina Richters

How is Transformational Art Coaching with Maria?

Transformational art coaching is the combination of  transformational coaching, combined with the art therapy tools from the Swiss art therapy Method created by Bettina Egger, PM & LOM.

Maria combines the two skills and has created the term Transformational Art Coach. The Art Therapy Method used is very unique, working closely with inner images and unprocessed feelings.

This method is so far only taught in german, which makes Maria proud to be learning from directly from Britta Kuhlmann, LOM and PM Art Therapist and Owner of HIK in Hamburg, who has directly been taught by the founder of this method, Bettina Egger. She receives direct updates on any new findings and always travels there for further education, which she forwards to her students and qualified Therapists, including me with true love and dedication to this method and her work. There are no books in english about this method so far.

This method of art therapy allows the client to access places where words can't reach. It is especially powerful in coaching, to support the client on moving through tough emotions and clear energetic blocks to enable a new programming that attracts that what one wants to see in their world.


If you imagine, our conscious mind thinks it knows everything that goes on inside oneself, but knowing that the subconscious mind holds 99 % of things we are not conscioulsy aware of, gives us the opportunity here to directly access it, knowing aswell that only that will be shown to you that is ready to come to the surface.


This art therapy method has been created especially for trauma, as it is a safe and effective way to safely move through those traumas and change the effects this has on the body, mind and soul. It is a safer trauma method than any other methods out there, due to the gentle way you move from one image to the next, as it is calm and better controlled.


The combination of this method with the power of transformational coaching makes for a bullet proof 180 transformation in the client seeking change in all areas. 

As a result of this work the client gains 100% trust towards themselves, as one navigates through the experience of communicating with ones soul and true raw desires. This builds a strong foundation for creating the life that is born from the heart.



Get to know your talents, skills and needs to design the life you really want


Move from a state of lack and self doubt to a confident courageous fulfilled self


Understand the bigger picture and how your offering fits into this world


Create Self-awareness and build a better relationship with your self and the people around you


Reprogram the current settings to an updated version that works in your favour by mastering resistance


Transformational - paradigm shifts aligning you to the best version of you

'Creativity is our natural state. Through the act of being creative in a coaching session, whether through art therapy tools or fun and playful creative exercises, one instantly connects with that playful creative source and builds trust towards oneself and a joyful state of being that supports all learning and creating.'

'Its about reconnecting to what you are curious about, to what you enjoy doing and letting go of what isn't you, to bring playfulness and fun into your day to day, which in turn will bring you ideas for a better more fullfilling life.'



Your vocation is who you are. Your higher self in action. Design your life around doing what you love


Be of service to others. Energy wants to flow. If you give, you are in flow of receiving

Hamburg, Germany, London, Uk


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