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My superpowers!

I was asked the other days about what my superpowers are, and I remember doing a coaching/Mentoring Program not too long ago from Germanys most successful and pricey Online Business Coaching Program all about Social Media Strategy for Coaches and Consultants and Money Mindset and there it was part of the Program to identify with a superhero side of you. We all have superpowers and can convert from our day to day selves to our superhero selves. All it takes is believing it. When you step into your superhero self, just like certain coaching models such as in Gestalt Therapy help you to step into different selves and really feel what it would feel like to be that person, such as the model of ‘The empty Chair’ or constellation therapy where you step into the being of your family members.

Doing that physical action of stepping into something or someone, physically enables us to become that person in that moment and think through that person or being in that moment, it works extremely well, that in our coaching Diploma when learning these tools made most of us cry. We can see things from a different perspective and understand our family members or friends or even our relationship with money better by stepping in and speaking as if one is that person or the matter, perhaps even the future self such as in Future Pacing. Visualisation works extremely well and having such reference points stepping into the being you need to be in order to create the reality you want to create or to see how that person sees things in order to do understand what you need to do or change really help a lot. So the superhero helps us to remind ourselves of our superhero aspects.

Today I want to share some of my superpowers that help me create the life I want to create and also how they help to create change in my clients:

- I am extremely adaptable to situations and people, which is something I have learnt through being very open to experiences and adventures in my life, having seen and lived through a lot that has helped me to understand the human psyche, from the darkest places to the light which makes me come across extremely neutral speaking to people, not feeling uncomfortable talking about topics where most might feel a little uncomfortable. I’m not fearing any topics and my clients really benefit from that as they feel they can be extremely themselves without feeling judged and rapport is easily built, which my clients compliment me on and appreciate as it makes them feel comfortable and feel they can open up and go in their own speed. When you can go in your own speed, then transformation accelerates.

- I have built a strong relationship to my intuition, which makes me be able to pick up on my dreams that want to show me things and I know when its telling me something about the future or about a current situation, warning me, I have a deep connection to it. I get a sense of knowing, where there is no doubt I know it, it doesnt come from the head it comes from the whole body an energetic sensation of knowing, its hard to describe. This has seen me predict my best friend meeting her husband to be, telling in what order my friends are getting pregnant and annoucning that they are pregnant a couple weeks later til knowing when there is trouble happening with someone close and feeling when they are in danger and I can draw from that as I have built a strong relationship with this superpower. By the way we all have that not just me but I pick up on it as I have spent years on building the connection. Through my art therapy practice I have learnt to be very much in touch with my feelings and trusting the process which adds major value to the coaching with my clients. If the coach trusts the process the coaching can unfold powerfully and the client gains trust towards themselves easily.

- I can distinguish between my intuitive impulses that I should listen to and between my ego impulses that are not real and only for the sake alone. This enables me to also detect that in the clients being able to have an analytical mind that makes it easier for me to connect the dots of their story from beneath the words and being able to reflect that back to the client for them to see something they haven’t seen before while being unattached to the outcome.

- I have a strong sense of energy, I can feel between words, when the client or people around me might say something and the energy is different I will pick up on that which I can choose to draw from to help the client move forward when they don’t see it and it helps me to detect when its one of the moments to listen to myself.

This is because I am an empath, highly sensitive to energies.

- My creativity is my superpower as I have built a strong connection since forever. It is always there to ground me again and it excited me to see what I create sometimes, if to see what comes out in art therapy aswell as what I paint next or create next. It keeps me young and playful and I feel I have that to share with the world and excite them for their own creativity!

The desire to change and the connection I seek with the light that enables me to trust fully in the process is in my eyes the core of great coaching additionally to the incredible framework that coaching offers.

In my life I never give up on seeking to stay connected to the light, which is the reason I will always seek out ways that help me to grow and others to grow and even though life comes in its waves I try to enjoy both the highs and the lows because they are both there to help me become a better person for myself and therefore the world.

To come to a conclusion my superpowers enable me to help my clients to discover how to use their abilities and talents and create a profitable business they love through connecting with their soul purpose and intuition. The basics is that a connection is built to the self so strong that no outward doubts have a place to exist. Its so much easier to do that when the coach has done and is doing their part and their work.

All of the above is in constant work in progress as everything in life, one needs to keep practicing to keep being updated and going with life. There is no perfection, but I consider them my superpowers, now you got to know a bit more about me :-)

What are your superpowers? You know what they are, they are there even if you don't engage with them often. Perhaps take a time to connect with them and write them down or think about them so you can nurture them as they are there for a purpose and a gift that wants to be shared with the world :)


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