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The hidden masterpiece within you!

December 1, 2018

Creativity is creative thinking in implementation! Think differently and act differently, follow your inspired impulse. An idea without acting on it is neglecting ones self.

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Creativity in action is: You get an impulse, an idea or a thought and implement it. Therefore, if you want to activate your inner artwork then act on your ideas and implement them!

The impulse comes from your soul or your higher self, your free will decides if it pursues it and your action lets you direct your creative energy into what brings you joy and so joy comes back!

If you do not listen to it and do not put it into practice then this creative energy will turn into passive ‘action’, such as: Procrastination through doing anything other than that what you wanted to do by excessively watching television, distraction yourself scrolling theoigh the Internet or mobile phone, or self-sabotage through engaging with habits that become addictive, such as excessive alcohol consumption, eating too much or emotional eating, shopping addiction, neediness etc... these are measures that make you forget for the moment what you actually want and comfort you for the moment or the illusion to be happy.

I know that very well myself! I have always had to deal with addictions, since my childhood, from binge eating to excessive alcohol and also drugs, in which I finally lost my’self’ in the end. I also suffered from severe laziness that was an excessive procrastination for the things that I was supposed to be doing back then. BECAUSE I did not live what was truly in me! The story has many parts, but I know exactly what a life looks like when you deny your creativity and your true desires and how healing it is to finally admit what your truth is and work hard on developing new habits and engaging with your creative self!

Addictions are opaque. They cover what is actually there and let you forget everything you really want for the moment, what your true needs are.

Unloved creativity = measures that become an addiction with time. That's why I talk about it!

What measures are you doing that will comfort you for the moment to not do what you really want to do?

If you do not follow your creative ideas, then an inner frustration builds up, that you do not understand where it comes from, because you do not connect it directly with the unlived creative impulses. It is like if the river is stopped and you then have an inner traffic jam, which breaks out into feelings that call you to do something! The measures will distract you from these feelings and suppress them! A way to control one's feelings!

Such as jealousy or envy ... These are feelings that tell you that what you are jealous of is something in yourself that demands attention and expression. It is a deficit that you feel in yourself and then try to get from somewhere else, from the outside rather than from the inside.

So, do you want to live your vocation? Do you want to live your true self? Do you want to inflame your inner work of art?

Do you want to be happy? Long term and not just sporadically for the short term?

Then listen to your impulses and when it gets unpleasant, like; 'Now I have to implement it and I do not have any guts to do it, or I can’t because of xxxxxxx reasons', do it anyway! You will thank yourself for that!

Creativity is in action! It challenges you to live out all that is in you, a masterpiece! To live your life creatively means to do things differently than you did until now!

This is about finding out exactly who you are, what you want, what you don’t want and how you can embark to live your life based on your true self and your highest creativity! I will also coach you in the conversation so you will get the clarity and added value to start right now!

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I understand how it feels and how hard it feels to not live your creative self! I was longing for a coach in that area and that's why I know exactly what's needed to find and recognize who you are and how to live who you really are, to be fulfilled and make your dreams come true, and implement vocation!

Do not wait any longer, the longer you wait and push away your impulses, the greater the inner pressure and frustration. 


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