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Inner Balance

What do I mean by that?

When I talk to my clients about balance or inner balance its about checking in with yourself and seeing where your energies are out of balance. It is not about keeping a work life balance or checking in with aspects of your life and making sure they are all attended equal or in balance, where that is not a bad thing, I am more talking about ones internal energies by the energies of give and take for example that have an instant effect on how you feel and respond to things in your life, hence it is important.

If we are in a relationship and we only take on the role of receiving and don’t give back, there is an imbalance. If we have an excessive need to go out drinking no matter the repercussions there is an imbalance, if we have an excessive need to overeat (Hand up!) or restrict, there is clearly a physical imbalance, as in something is tipping the scale on one side or another, but what it really is, is an internal imbalance.

So, all of it is being looked through an internal reflective lense instead of looking at from outside in.

I notice when I am out of my inner balance when an emotion inside or a behavior has tipped and is causing an overflow of that emotion or noticing the overflow of emotion and realising its impact its having on my circumstances. This can happen through holding it in for too long, for ignoring it for too long for example.

When I am in balance with my energies I give and I take like a dance, which in turn means my reactions aren’t coming from a void of one or the other.

If we focus on only serving others without looking after ourselves we risk losing ourselves and if we focus on only serving ourselves, we risk losing sight of the greater purpose and stop love energy to come to us.

So the give and take balance, the balance of caring for ourselves and caring for others is important to maintain for a happier and healthier self and world.

If we give to ourselves first so we are healthy, happy and all the areas in our lives are filled with love consciousness we are making sure that we are balancing our energies inside and that in itself is loving people around as taking responsibility for ourselves enables us to show up positively for others around. Then, from a full cup we can give and share love and be present for others and help them, which creates a beautiful cycle of give and take. If we only think of ourselves and don’t have the others in positive mind and regard, we receive differently, we receive only for ourselves and in turn don’t give anything back, which shows a fear based ‘taking’. This shuts the cycle and then there is no balance as the tip of the scale tips towards one side.

So a nice way to check in with ourselves and our inner balance is see where we are filling an area of ourselves with love and where are we entertaining fear.

Fear is natural and human but noticing it and being aware of its subtlety affecting us can lift its power on us and free up the emotions held underneath that in turn will release them and create a better balance as the weight will be lifted. When we hold onto something it usually is because of a fear, so we control it, we don’t want to feel it, we shut it away somewhere and this creates an imbalance inside that will affect the other areas of our lives from the inside out differently than if we release it and let it go by giving it time and space to transform. So first it might feel shaky and bounce back and forth until it slowly becomes calmer and the tipping becomes smaller until its all balanced again.

This is an ongoing process as life goes on but checking up on this helps to create an easier way to navigate through life and the events in your life will feel less daunting or scary.

If we are in an imbalance we react differently to situations in our lifes than we would if there was inner balance where the energies can move freely through us.

In creative exercises one is allowed to let those emotions pass through us, it creates openings for us to feel and allow love energies to flow through all our areas inside of us, almost like cleaning our internal space.

In art therapy, what I described above is facilitated immensely. Feelings are being given space, internal images are being soothed and transformed and through doing that, a trust towards oneself is being built because its not coming from the mind whatever is happening on paper, its not logic as we know it, magic happens when the soul is allowed to be creative and be given the space to express itself and heal through the process of doing so.

When you can’t find words for something, it is not necessary as the eyes are indeed the window to the soul and your hand knows intuitively what its doing without thinking, which again builds and strengthens your intuition and belief in the self.

I invite you to check on your areas inside of you, is there an emotion that is very strong and keeps coming back? Is there a behavior you can’t seem to control? Is there a balance between give and take in your life?

Just sit down for a moment and check on it and when you notice something, I invite you just to be aware of it for now. Nothing more.

Love and Light,



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